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Post  yumeleona23 on Sat Mar 12, 2011 5:54 am

I'm Debra, one of the mods here with Kim and Holly. I run YumeLeona's Craft Den where I create lots of pixelated creations. I usually work with fusebeads (perler, hama, nabbi/photopearls) but I cross stitch as well (though not as often because I tend to get bored with it too quickly).

My favorite game of all time is Monkey Island 1. I was traumatized when I was younger because I totally let Guybrush die underwater...if you know the game, you know that scene...remember, he can only hold his breath for 10 minutes.

I'm a major geek-give me video games (rpgs and platformers), tabletop DnD, card games, board games, comic books, fantasy, sci fi, horror...and I'm sure there are other facets of my geekdom that I'm neglecting, but ah well.

When I'm not geeking out, I work as a freelance stage manager in NYC theatre. The stage manager is the one who is in charge of coordinating all the technical facets of the show, organizing all the performers and personnel, maintaining schedules, running the show during performances, etc etc. It's a crazy life. I currently live in Jersey City, NJ, just outside NYC where I recently purchased a condo where I live with my cat, Yoda, and my roommate Smile

That's me in a nutshell... Smile

Oh! And here's all my links:
Twitter: @yumeleona23
XBox: BlackMageNala
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