Mixing goth, geek, and cuteness since 2008

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Mixing goth, geek, and cuteness since 2008 Empty Mixing goth, geek, and cuteness since 2008

Post  Gothic Panda on Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:21 pm

Hi, I'm Gothic Panda, or Sarah, but I prefer Gothic or Panda or GP or whatever because there are way too many Sarah's out there and it's easier to tell when someone is actually talking to me using the other name. I like goth stuff (like black clothes, purple hair, and skulls), geeky stuff (glasses, games, fantasy, some sci-fi), and cute stuff (pandas, chibi, skulls, lolita).

I've been a video game and RPG nerd for decades. I still own a working 8-bit NES system--also have SNES, Sega Genesis, and Sega Game Gear. I've played Dungeons and Dragons since I was 11--and I won't say how long ago that was. I love books, although I haven't gotten to read as much as I'd like to lately (since I opened my Art Studio in 2008). I spend my weekends attempting to catch up on the anime and manga world--you know the consume stuff in the same category as what you create thing. Generally I fail abysmally at that. I spend my weeks working on a bazillion projects--yes I'm one of those people that usually has 12+ projects going on at the same time. Eventually stuff does get done. I've started a blog to talk about these projects and other things: http://gothicpandaart.wordpress.com/ . Current list includes 8 cosplays, 8 tarot cards, 4 random prints, 2 archetype badges, 4 badges for my "WW_D" set, quilted panda bag, cloth boxes for work space, skull charms, panda charms, mushroom charms, and about 8-10 bookmark sets. Yeah... I'm not *that* distracted right?

Do I have a Super Power? Maybe. I believe that if I eat enough chocolate I can fly--or at least complete a project in one sitting.

Where the Gothic Panda name came from: On a whim (+ random encouragement from acquaintances in a Ragnarok Online art contest thread on GaiaOnline) I signed up for my first Artist Alley table in April 2008 for Anime USA (a November anime convention in the D.C. area). I had no clue what I was going to do or if it was even something I *could* do--prior to this my art had consisted of random sketches and doodles, but certainly nothing overly consistent. I didn't have a studio name or anything. I had a Deviant Art account, but I didn't want to use my user name there (KasumiAngel). Gothic Panda was my favorite (at the time) Ragnarok Online alt, so I put that down for my studio name, and it's stuck. Thanks to a random daydream during a random math class (btw I'm also that crazy person that went back to school for no reason since I already had 2 degrees) I was inspired for my first (and still currently unfinished) project for my art table. Everything after that is history (and I won't go into it here). I've been recently trying to build an online presence for my art studio.
Gothic Panda
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