Hello my name is [blank], I am a massive nerd

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Hello my name is [blank], I am a massive nerd Empty Hello my name is [blank], I am a massive nerd

Post  superOrange on Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:32 am

Hello my name is Josh, I am a massive nerd. I live in the land of dreams and/or a small suburb outside of Portland. Small enough to be comfortable and easy to afford, while still giving me access to the amazing Portland creative scene. I have an incredible wife/model and a small two year old NPC.

My shop - store - brand is called superOrange. I am a simple kinda dude that loves simplicity. I channel my fierce and opinionated nerdery by making typographic tshirts for others who share my love for anime and obscure in-joke references. I have a BFA in Graphic Design, but my working background is in project management consulting (specifically web-app life-cycle) and my main focus was e-commerce. I am ~SO~ glad I shelved that, seriously, it was NOT simple and very much B.S. filled Smile

This IS my day job now. Getting superOrange self sustaining and keeping my son from eating nightshade (or any other form of poison) keeps me rocking from son up to sun down.

My superpower? Fogey-osity. I am old, like, stunningly old. As in; should be on his back porch with a deaf hound-dog complaining about the whipper-snappers and my bum knee. I seriously had a "youth" chat with me about awesome music and his example of "classic rock" was Nirvana, BOOM... Fogey-osity!!!! 20 minute rant about indie acts that defined and led to the alt-rock revolution that allows him to carry 60 gig worth of Justin Bieber in his pocket. Fogey-osity also shows up when someone talks about modern RPGs and I go on a long-winded rant about TSR / Lord British / Final Fantasy 4 & 6 and then devolve into annoyed mumbling.

As a note: I model my own tees. Not because I am a narcissistic sociopath... because models are expensive and my garage is a mess. One day I hope to have a few models that are adorable and more in the age-range of my demographic (16-23). ~Ah, a man can dream~


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