My name is Kate, and I'm a geek.

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My name is Kate, and I'm a geek.  Empty My name is Kate, and I'm a geek.

Post  PickleLady on Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:35 pm

Hi. I'm Kate. I'm F, almost 35. I'm married (Pappy, 48) and have 2 daughters (Phoenix, 8, and Willow, 6. Not their real names, just their nicknames). I make stuff of all kinds, but make my "living", such as it is, designing and stitching cross stitch and embroidery patterns. I also sell stuff at a local shop and teach hand stitching classes. I just graduated from Penn State with a bachelor's in Organizational Leadership (combines I/O Psych, Communications, and Labor and Employment Relations) and am still looking for the right "real" job. In the meantime, I'm happily underemployed with Kohl's as a stock lackey.

In what ways am I geeky? Let's see... I live to learn. I use big words. I'm socially inept. I have very thick glasses. I think math is fun. I LOVE scifi TV/Movies and scifi/fantasy books. I read comics A LOT as a teen, but make the time now. I'm especially in love with Firefly, Buffy, Dr Who (all seasons), Farscape, BSG (new version), Buck Rogers, Star Wars (4-6). I'm pretty sure Neil Gaiman is my soul mate, if I could only get Amanda out of my way...

I don't tabletop or RPG, but most people I love do. I've just never "gotten" it. I like to paint figures for them though. I've never been very good at video games either. My 8 year-old has her own Minecraft server and is BIG TIME into it, so I dabble a bit just to hang out with her. I'm active on Reddit and Regretsy.

I tell my kids that my superpower is superVISION, because I'm the mom, that's why. see what I did there? Yep, I'm lame.


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My name is Kate, and I'm a geek.  Empty Re: My name is Kate, and I'm a geek.

Post  Kokoba on Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:42 am

Penn State? Are you still in-state or elsewhere?

I'm from the northern end of the Philadelphia metro, is why I ask. Wink (Well, I am when I'm not in Sweden or South Korea...)


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