I'm Lesley, I use exclamations a lot!!!!!

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I'm Lesley, I use exclamations a lot!!!!! Empty I'm Lesley, I use exclamations a lot!!!!!

Post  sweetgeek on Thu Apr 19, 2012 2:35 am

Hello everyone!
My name is Lesley (it's okay, no one spells it right), and I live in the North GA mountains. My Dad wanted to name me Grace but after seeing Conan and realizing I'd be Grace Jones changed his mind.
Growing up I had no choice but to be a super geek. My Dad watched Doctor Who and Mystery Science Theater 3000, and my brother listened to Weird Al and They Might Be Giants. We played Ghostbusters and TMNT in the backyard and we would fight over who got to play with the nintendo (we only had one controller). It was destiny I tell you! *cue holy music*

I am fortunate to have my own craft room. My boyfriend set up a computer attached to the tv so I can watch netflix, hulu, etc. on it while I craft. I've been watching Castle lately. Nathan Fillion can do no wrong people.

I'm an animal person all around, but I've always had cats. My cat's name is Gizmo (named after the Gremlin) he was born on Halloween, making him super extra cool. And just a side note: my brother's cat is named Theodore Hitchcock Cthulhu. No joke. See? Geek is in my blood.

I have always been crafty, but I started sculpture when I wanted to impress my boyfriend with my awesome crafting skills and I made him a tiny Bob Barker from Price is Right. It looked like poo, but 2 years later I think my stuff is anything but poo-ish. I think!

I'm looking forward to getting to know more of you guys, and maybe we'll see each other soon at cons! Smile

- Lesley


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