I'm Slice and I'm a lurker.

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I'm Slice and I'm a lurker. Empty I'm Slice and I'm a lurker.

Post  SliceofOrange on Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:08 am

Hello! I'm Lily, but you can call me Slice (or anything else you think of that won't hurt my feelings). I make pinback buttons mainly focused on video games, but I also cover some other bases. My current project is completing designs for all Super Smash Bros characters. I have to balance school with building my Etsy shop and other hobbies, so I alternate between lurking and being active with MB. The Basement stands out as a positive and supportive community, so I can't wait to get involved again!

I was pretty much raised on the N64 and when I was 12, my friends introduced me to anime. My big fandoms are Pokemon, Zelda, and Naruto, but I'm open to anything! I like reading a good Itou Junji horror manga, solving puzzles with Professor Layton, saving the universe from Reapers, and rolling sh*t up with a Katamari. So here I am now! I'm currently at university studying for vet school, but I'm also interested in conservation and just animal biology in general. I love animals but to be honest, I'm so bad at drawing them or else you'd see a lot more animal art! My dream job would be trophy wife of an old rich man, rock star, or video game monster concept artist, but I'd be perfectly happy working as a vet or at a wildlife sanctuary.

Superpower? Probably my obsession with cats. If nobody stops me, I will be the crazy cat lady across the street. Don't let that push you away from chatting with me! I only have one cat so far, so my sanity is very much intact. Even though my schedule can be busy at times, I'd really like to get to know everyone in the Basement - feel free to contact me by Etsy or wherever's best =)!

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