Guess it's time to make my fashionably late entrance?!

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Guess it's time to make my fashionably late entrance?!

Post  geeklingdesigns on Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:48 am

Oy, I *just* found the link to these forums.... it appears you CAN hide things directly in my line of sight!

My name is Jennifer and I am one half (one might say the better/prettier/wittier/MASTERMIND half... but I'm too shy and modest to say such things Wink ) of Geekling Designs.

I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada (specifially Chillwack, aka the smelly armpit of the Lower Mainland, but I digress) with my husband (Rob, the OTHER half of GD) and our two daughters: Geekling #1 is 4 1/2, Geekling #2 is *almost* 2 <shudder>

GD is my full-time job along with trying not to pull my hair out whilst supervising my very own zoo (2 girls, 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 small townhouse = nucking futs some days!). I started GD in 2009 as a sort-of hobby while on maternity leave. During maternity leave number two, I decided to go gangbusters and try and get sales to where I didn't have to work outside of the house... and I did it! Smile

I don't typically have free-time anymore, but when I DO, I love to game... I like MMOs, they fill my need for (and I do say this quite loosely) "grown-up" conversation as well as the need to kill things to let out some aggression Shocked I do make time every Thursday for The Big Bang Theory. I do love that show! I do also like silly fluffy pop-cap style games as I am easily entertained with sparkly things and pretty colors Smile

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell!


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